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Police Brutality & False Arrest

False Arrests & Police Brutality

The Law Offices of Steven A. Hoffner has a long history of working to vindicate the civil rights of individuals falsely arrested by the police and/or subjected to police brutality. Whether you have been improperly imprisoned for only one day or ten years, this office will seek to redress the wrong. We also bring lawsuits against the police for malicious prosecution after a criminal case has been terminated in the favor of the accused.

 The relevant legal issues generally have to do with the existence or non-existence of probable cause for the arrest. Also, the police officer is often entitled to immunity from prosecution for arrests in which he acted reasonably and in good faith that a person had committed a crime.

 In the last twenty years, this office has achieved significant awards for victims of police brutality. We will seek recovery for your physical and emotional injuries, as well as reimbursement for medical bill and cost of future medical care. We will also attempt to recover monetary compensation for an individual’s pain and suffering, as well as for any economic loss.

 When it comes to the enforcement of a person’s civil rights, it is not just about money. Often, a person is also looking to hold a police officer accountable, as well as to vindicate himself in a court of law. Frequently, a person brings an action to shine a spotlight on unlawful police action in the hopes of deterring future police misconduct. Whatever your goals may be, this office will work vigorously to achieve them.

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